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Brazilian Remy Hair Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in human hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions and available in supper wide range of colours and lengths. These Full Head Hair Extensions, prepared with the highest quality real human hair, gives a healthy and beautiful look to your existing hair.

Since these human hair extensions are easy to clip and remove, name any style you want and you can have it in few minutes. Straightening and curling is not a problem with our Extensions, ( since they are 100% Real Human hair), stylize your hair that best suits you. The set of durable full head extensions has all the required instructions along with illustrations. There is no need of hair stylist if you have got the instructions with you, It is that easy .

As with all our products, our clip in human hair extensions are available in a comprehensive selection of colours, textures, weights and lengths, so you can customise your new hairstyle to suit you perfectly. With so much variety, why not experiment and see how many different looks you could create? We’ve all flicked through pictures in magazines of celebrities with glowing, glossy manes, but few of us realise just what a possibility this actually is.

100% human hair, can be curled, dyed, straightened;High quality, tangle free, silky soft & thick;High quality metal clip, corresponding colors looks natural;

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